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The Apple Barn

Our last day for the Apple barn is Saturday, 
November 4th

Hours : 10-5

Stop in and visit our Apple Barn, see our Antique Apple Grater and pick up some Apples, Pumpkins, Squash, Sweet Apple Cider and more. 

We do not offer U-Pick, we do all the work for you :)

There will be lots of Apples perfect for Snacking or grab a big bag of Utilities perfect for doing your own Baking. 

We will do our best to have Baked Goods available, but they go quick so PLACE YOUR ORDER before you stop by. 


Apple Varieties 

Apples will be in the barn as soon as each variety is at its peak ripeness. The following is a list of our varieties in the order they will be available in the barn. 


Juicy, tangy and aromatic. An all-time favorite for fresh eating and baking.

Nothing evokes fall better than the aromatic fragrance of McIntosh apples. This variety has been enjoyed since 1811 when John McIntosh discovered the first seedling. McIntosh apples grow particularly well in New York’s cool climate.


A great choice for snacking, Gala is a variety developed in New Zealand. It's got the mild flavor that "picky eaters" prefer, plus a striking bright yellow-red color that also makes it visually appealing.

Honey Crisp

Sometimes the name of an apple says it all. Honeycrisp apples are honey sweet (with a touch of tart) and amazingly crisp. Kids love the taste, and it’s easy to see why this recent variety has continued to grow in popularity since its 1991 introduction in Minnesota.

Pound Sweet

Pound Sweet, is a large, squarish, ribbed yellow to green apple with a golden brown blush on the sunny side. Patches of russeting at the top are common. The surface is covered with many raised lenticels, natural spotting on the peel that allows respiration. Its firm. cream-colored flesh offers a crisp sweetness apple but mild flavor. 


Picture a fresh fruit cup featuring beautiful, snow-white apples. It’s likely made with Cortland, New York’s very best salad apple. This great, all-purpose apple was developed at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva in 1898. 


Looking for a perfect, no-fat dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth? Macoun is the answer, but make sure you get yours at the right time, as these special apples are only available in the fall. Macoun was developed at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva in 1932, and is named for a famous Canadian fruit breeder.


With the popular Red Delicious and McIntosh for parents, Empire was destined to be a hit when it was developed at Cornell University in the ‘40s. It's a sweet-tart combination that's very versatile.

Red Delicious

These popular, mildly sweet apples are grown across the country, but only a New York Red Delicious has the slight tartness that gives this apple flavorful depth. If you haven’t tried a New York Red Delicious, you haven’t tried what we consider the best Delicious.

Yellow Delicious

Ever hear that Golden Delicious is the yellow cousin of the popular Red Delicious apple? Actually, they are related in name only, but this honey sweet apple is a special treat all on its own.

Ida Reds

If you love the old-fashioned goodness of baked apples, Idareds are excellent, as they hold their shape perfectly and look beautiful on the table. Developed in Idaho, it’s a cross between two old-time New York apples, Jonathan and Wagener, that were first grown in Penn Yan in 1791.


An ever-popular cooking, fresh eating, drying, and juice apple, Northern Spy is a larger than average apple with a deep, pink-red skin and red striping. Its strong, sweet flavor and crisp texture make it an overall favorite. The first seed of Northern Spy came from Salisbury, Connecticut around 1800, and it was first grown by Heman Chapin of East Bloomfield, New York.

Granny Smith

Crisp and juicy. Good balance of tart and sweet. Perfect for baking, sautéing and snacking.

Roam Beauty

Great-looking fried apple slices, sitting next to a pork chop, are probably Romes. These superb apples retain their shape and tart flavor beautifully when cooked. This old-time variety originated in Ohio in 1816 but is widely grown in New York State.

Descriptions and images provided by Apples from NY and New England Apples. Visit or to learn more about your favorite apple varieties!

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