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Our Farm and Bakeshop

A family farm since 1866

Delicious pies since 1973

The Davis family settled on the property in 1866. The farm was a dairy until the 1930s; apple trees were then planted in the 1940s. The apples and other produce were sold door to door around the community, down into Schenectady and even shipped to the green markets in NYC. In 1973 Harry Davis, the third generation, thought it would be a good idea to sell some apples pies to use up some of the extra apples. Shirley Davis, his wife, gave in and started making 12 pies a week for a local corner store. Their daughter Denise joined in the fun, and the pies soon overwhelmed the little farm kitchen. The old grainery was converted into a bakeshop and under the management of Shirley and Denise, and then Sue grew to what it is today. 

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